International Journal of Forecasting - A high-quality focused journal at the interface between methods and applications

6 Jan 2022, 12:30


Pierre Pinson (Technical university of Denmark)


The International Journal Forecasting (IJF) is today seen as one of the leading journals in the science and practice of forecasting. Since its start 35 years ago, it has developed into a well-established journal and a premier choice for publishing research works related to forecasting, from statistical modelling and econometrics, to judgemental and psychological aspects, with a broad focus on both methods and applications. The facts that we collect so much data today, that our societies and industries are going through a digitalization process, bring increased focus on forecasting. Forecasting is also increasingly used for data-driven decision-making. We will discuss the history of the journal and the way we operate it today. In addition, we will cover the successes and challenges for a journal that is naturally placed at the interface between methods and application. Some recent initiatives as well as evolutions ahead of us will finally be discussed.

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