ENBIS Webinar: Big data analytics for SMEs


Webinar: Big data analytics for SMEs

Speakers: Shirley Coleman – Technical Director of NU Solve, Newcastle University and Pernille Rydén, Dean of Education, IT University of Copenhagen
Date: 7th December 2021, at 12:30-13:30 CEST


About the presenters

Shirley and Pernille are contributors to a book published by Edward Elgar in September 2021 entitled: Big Data in Small Business: Data-Driven Growth in Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises, Edited by Adam Lindgreen, Thomas Ritter, Carsten Lund Pedersen, and Torsten Ringberg. 

Shirley is Technical Director of NU Solve, the engagement arm of the School of Maths, Statistics and Physics at Newcastle University. She has long been interested in SMEs because of their importance to Europe and because of the enormous unrealised opportunities that statistics and can unearth for them. Shirley is a past President of ENBIS and chairs the ENBIS Statistics in Practice special interest section and also the Quality Improvement Section of the Royal Statistical Society. 

Pernille is Dean of Education at the IT University of Copenhagen. She received her doctoral degree from CBS in research strategic cognition, with a particular focus on the human and organizational conditions for success with digital technologies in private and public organizations. She has published in outlets such as California Management Review, Industrial Marketing Management, and Journal of Interactive Marketing and also is the lead author of the books Disrupt Your Mindset to Transform Your Business with Big Data and Social media Storms – Empowering leadership beyond Crisis Management.

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      Big data analytics for SMEs 1h

      SMEs have the advantages of being flexible and agile but have the limitations of a more limited pool of in-house expertise. The welcome proliferation of data and the new wave of digital communication through Industry 4.0 mean that there are opportunities to be grasped. The necessary skills, however, may be outside of the skill-set used to set up the SME. To develop a data analytical capability, SMEs need to take action. In this webinar Pernille Rydén will present research on facilitating big data transformation in Danish SMEs with insights for managers and Shirley Coleman will discuss engagement in university partnerships with an example from a Knowledge Transfer Partnership.

      Speakers: Shirley Coleman (ISRU, Newcastle University) , Pernille Rydén (University of Copenhagen)