ENBIS Webinar: Digital Twins: Hype or hope?

Shirley Coleman (ISRU, Newcastle University)

Digital Twins: Hype or hope?

Speaker: Mark Girolami (University of Cambridge)

Chair: Shirley Coleman (Newcastle University)

Date: 15th March 2023, at 14:00-15:00 CET

The idea of an Intelligent Digital Avatar conjures up many images from a complete virtual world that one can safely define, develop and play in to rogue robots running amok and destroying mankind. The reality is much less dramatic but no less far reaching and exciting. This talk will discuss Digital Twins and chart their history to present day technological capability and present some of the advances being made and the opportunities along with the open challenges faced to realise the potential of Digital Twins.


Professor Mark Girolami is the Chief Scientist of The Alan Turing institute, the UK’s National Institute for data science and artificial intelligence and took up this role in October 2021. He was one of the original founding Executive Directors of the Institute and previous to his role as Chief Scientist he led the Turing’s Data-centric Engineering programme, which is principally funded by Lloyd’s Registry Foundation. 

In 2019, Mark was elected to the Sir Kirby Laing Professorship of Civil Engineering at the University of Cambridge where he also holds the Royal Academy of Engineering Research Chair in Data Centric Engineering. He is a fellow of Christ’s College Cambridge. Prior to joining the University of Cambridge, Mark held the Chair of Statistics in the Department of Mathematics at Imperial College London. He is an elected fellow of the Royal Academy of Engineering and the Royal Society of Edinburgh.

    • 14:00 15:00
      Digital Twins: Hype or hope? 1h
      Speaker: Mark Girolami (University of Cambridge)