26–30 Jun 2022
Europe/Berlin timezone

How the UK land contamination industry inadvertently became the first to move to a world beyond p<0.05

29 Jun 2022, 10:20



Nigel Marriott (Marriott Statistical Consulting Ltd)


In 2016, the ASA published their now famous statement on the use & misuse of p-values. In the same year, I started working with CL:AIRE (who represent the UK land contamination & remediation industry) to update their statistical guidance "Comparing soil contamination data with a critical concentration". CL:AIRE's older guidance used 1-way hypothesis testing that ran into many of the issues highlighted by the ASA statement.

When writing the new guidance, I was keen to help the industry become one of the first to "move to a world beyond p<0.05" as the title of the ASA 2019 editorial put it. In this talk I will explain how we got there, the specific challenges of making a statistical guidance accessible to non-statisticians and why the ASA was delighted to hear about what CL:AIRE had done.

Keywords P-Values, Confidence Intervals, ASA

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Nigel Marriott (Marriott Statistical Consulting Ltd)

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