26–30 Jun 2022
Europe/Berlin timezone

Efficient parameter estimation for multiresponse models with different subject characteristics

27 Jun 2022, 13:30


Design and analysis of experiments CONTRIBUTED Design of Experiment 1


Juan M. Rodriguez-Diaz (University of Salamanca (Spain))


This work will focus on experiments with several variables (responses) to be observed over time. The observations will be taken on different experimental units that may have distinct characteristics, and they may be correlated in several ways, namely intra-correlation between different responses on the same subject at the same time, and inter-correlation between observations of the same response variable taken on the same subject at different times. The aim is to choose the best emporal points where observation should be taken on every subject in order to get accurate estimates of the parameters describing the models of the response variables. The theory will be applied to convenient examples from different areas.

Keywords multiresponse model, multisubject experiments, optimal design

Primary author

Juan M. Rodriguez-Diaz (University of Salamanca (Spain))

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