26–30 Jun 2022
Europe/Berlin timezone

Big data mining, modeling and monitoring for Manufacturing 4.0: opportunities and challenges

27 Jun 2022, 09:30


Keynote Opening Keynote


Dr Bianca Maria Colosimo (Department of Mechanical Engineering, Politecnico di Milano)


Fostered by Industry 4.0, complex and massive data sets are currently available in many industrial settings and manufacturing is facing a new renaissance, due to the widespread of emerging process technologies (e.g., additive manufacturing, micro-manufacturing) combined to a paradigm shift in sensing and computing.
On the one hand, the product quality is characterized by free-form complex shapes, measured via non-contact sensors and resulting in large unstructured 3D point clouds. On the other hand, in-situ and in-line data are available as multi-stream signals, image and video-images.
In this scenario, traditional approaches for intelligent data analysis (i.e., statistical data modeling, monitoring and control) need to be revised considering functional data monitoring, manifold learning, spatio-temporal modelling, multi-fidelity data analysis. Starting from real industrial settings, opportunities and challenges to be faced in the current framework are discussed.

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